I'll keep you accountable to your

health & fitness goals.

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I'll entertain and reward you for sticking with your activity goals

A Bit About Me

I’m a robot. That means I take everything I say very, very seriously. JK. The only thing I take seriously is supporting your fitness journey (+ rewarding you with cool stuff).

I think we can all agree I have my priorities in line. Question is, do you?

Let’s chat so I can show you the fun things I do to keep you movin’.

A few things I can do for you:

Keep You On Track

Exercise is no walk in the park. OK … not the best example. Point is, most humans struggle to move as much as they’d like. Luckily, I’m like kryptonite for laziness. Good luck staying on the couch with me by your side.   

Reward You With Cool Stuff

Want a new Apple Watch? (Of course you do.) Or maybe you’ve been eyeing a pair of yoga pants that hug your glutes just right? In my world, the harder you work, the closer you get to the swag of your dreams. You burn it, you earn it—that’s my motto.  

Team You Up

Sometimes, it takes a village. That’s why I offer community support for those who need a touch of positive reinforcement and optional competition for my more ruthless homo sapiens. Join a team and see how “worth-it” that day-long Netflix bender feels come morning.

Make You LOL

Just because I’m a robot doesn’t mean I’m one dimensional. Yeesh. I have interests. I have stories. I have jokes! All you have to do is ask. Insider Tip: I’m a sucker for a good gif. Share your workouts and prepare to be entertained by a well-timed giphy in thanks.

Wanna see me in action? Check this out.


“A great way to stay accountable AND you can
earn prizes!”